Friday, February 25, 2011

Level 26 Electric Box


This Friday, February 25, 2011, we had an appointment at the town of Onhaye days to prepare the water to be held for schools in the entity, Friday, March 26 and to the public Saturday, March 27.
After the meeting, we went into the field to go and show Patrice Cornil, economic adviser to the municipality, various karst phenomena.
Then, Christian and Jean-Pierre du SCAIP and myself, we went around the resurgence of Tahal.
We met the owner of the Grotto of the Sacred Heart of Tahaut. The
SCAIP has worked in the cave a few years ago.
We had permission to visit this cave. A big thank you to the owner very friendly also.

I had never visited this cave and I was very surprised by the enormous size of the blocks fell.
There are many things to see: Gur, concretions, calcite and especially the potential for an interesting sequel.

Places pictures rather than words.

Tahaut early 20 th century.

Tahaut, long ago with its mineral waters.

Jean-Pierre at the entrance.

From the entrance to the room.

Towards room for large blocks.

huge block.



Other concretions.

Jean-Pierre behind the big block.


strata in the earth.

suite, behind there is a small room.

Nature makes things very well.

Stalactites on black background.

A corner of the cave.

The entry against the light.

cleaning is required.

Admission is contaminated by many waste plants, scrap metal, old commercials and plastic objects.

A cleanup would be welcome. We talked with the owner who agrees.
Jean-Pierre will ask the responsible CWEPSS to see if we can finalize this.

Again thank you to Christian and Jean-Pierre for their good mood.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Senik Pajak W Bile Paski

"Love affects more than our thinking and our behavior toward those we love. It transforms our entire life. Genuine love is a personal revolution. Love takes your ideas, your desires, and your actions and welds them together in one experience and one living reality which is a new you. You may prefer to keep this from happening. You may keep your thoughts, desires, and acts in separate compartments, if you want: but then you will be an artificial and divided person, with three little filing cabinets: one of ideas, one of decisions, and one of actions and experience."

~ Thomas Merton

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